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Travel Tips

Before your trip:

Are you planning to travel to a country and not sure if you need a visa? Need visa urgently or information for filing? we as LCC partners are well aware of their visa requirements. Before your trip, check if you need visa to enter the country you are planning to visit. To perform this procedure, you must figure 6 to 8 weeks for processing and approval of your visa.

Note that some countries will not allow you to enter if your passport indicates you have already visited other countries, or if your passport expires during your visit.

Make three copies of your tickets, identification page of your passport, driver's license and any credit card you're planning to carry. Leave one copy at home, the second in your office and the third in your luggage. You should also have the phone numbers of your bank, as well as the embassy in the places you visit. You could lose your documents and this process will provide a replacement.

Check in advance with your doctor or your agency about the required immunizations and recent outbreaks of infection in developing countries. Some vaccines must be administered to meet its immunization schedule from 6 to 8 weeks before your trip.

Ask your doctor's prescription medicine that you are using and pack enough medication for your trip. Be sure to bring with you some of the medication in your hand luggage. This will prevent that if you lose your luggage you will carry some medication for emergencies.

To avoid possible violations of drug laws,bring the medication in its original packaging, accompanied by a letter from your doctor, which explains the need for its use.

If in doubt about the legality of medicine, consult the embassy or consulate of the country you are traveling.

In addition to your medications, try to pack in your carry-on personal items (toothpaste, soap, toothbrush, comb, deodorant, etc..) And a change of clothes.

When the local water is not recommended for human consumption, drink only bottled water. Avoid ice and fresh vegetables. Only eat fruit you can peel.

Ask about local weather conditions and pack proper clothing, and customs and protocols of the town and what should and should not do.

Label each piece of luggage. Grab it on time in the airport baggage belts. Make sure you know the policies of its management of the airline that flies as well as those relating to reservation of seats and boarding procedures.

Computer equipment :
Collect and copy all your e-mail and access numbers to online services. Clean or limit the amount of confidential information from your inventory. Record the serial number of your computer. Label all equipment with your data. Package accessories (batteries, cd´s, voltage converters, phone adapter, etc.).

Before your departure, change enough money into the currency of the country you are visiting, for making phone calls, buy food or pay a taxi upon arrival.


Before boarding your flight:

Arrive at the airport two hours before your departure when your flight is national and three hours when it is international. Personally pack your luggage, so you know what's inside your luggage and can answer questions the airline staff could ask you about its content. When documenting, your laptop and other electronic devices may require additional time for review.

Never leave luggage unattended or out of range of visibility, because it can happen that it could be stolen or used to introduce illegal substances or objects on the plane. Also, if you detect luggage unattended or suspicious, report it to the properly identified security staff.

Pack your hand luggage to a minimum. Flights that register overweight limit the rise of the same if it is too bulky. Some airlines limit the weight and / or measures of hand luggage. Check in advance whether the agency or airline, how much is allowed. Some personal effects can pass through weapons such as scissors, razors, lighters, and some sprays are highly flammable and are not allowed in hand luggage.

When boarding your flight:
Be at your boarding gate at least 2 hours before departure for domestic flights and up to 3 hours before international flights. If you do not meet these specifications, the carrier reserves the right to reassign your seat and check their status as "no show". Have your ID, your ticket and your boarding pass in hand.
The airlines usually call business class first and then the other (classes). Avoid to form a line in advance and congest the row. First of all, ask.
Be careful when you mobilize your luggage, avoid harming other passengers. Bring your bags always protected and close to you.

At the end of your flight:
Listen carefully to the announcements that are made during landing. If in doubt, ask the attendants where to find the next boarding gate, where to collect your luggage or where is the migration office. Use only approved taxi services or money exchange services.

'Time Change' Syndrome:
This syndrome is a peculiar experience when changing time zone quickly, some symptoms are: fatigue, insomnia, disorientation and headaches. We recommend the following steps to alleviate these problems:

If you take flights to the East, it is recommended to do it in the morning to arrive with daylight. If you go to the west, do late-night, to arrive with time to fit the new schedule.

Prepare yourself mentally for the time change. Change the time on your clock, adjusted to the new schedule in advance.

Avoid confusion not drinking excessive alcohol and caffeine. Drink plenty of water and fruit juices.
Adjust time before arriving at their destination, to alter your normal hours of sleep and eating on the plane and not on arrival.
On arrival, fight your instincts to sleep, especially when there is light. Take a swim, stroll to see the surroundings, plan an activity. Be sure to eat and sleep at the hours according to the place you visit.