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Travesias Mundiales

Lufthansa City Center

Telephone: +52 662 / 2363500
+52 662 / 2363501

Blvd Navarrete 370-1. Col Santa Fe,
83249 Hermosillo


About reconfirmations:

How far in advance of departure can we reconfirm our return travel?

At least 24 hours before the start of the flight

About Luggage:

How much luggage is allowed?
The answer depends on the passenger route, if it´s national or international. National is 15 Kilos for adults and 10 kilos for children. International are: Aruba and Curaçao, 15 Kilos children, 20 Kilos for adult, to Panama 20 Kiloschildren, 40 Kilos adult.

What is the cost of excess baggage?

1% is charged on the "Y" per kilo for domestic routes. For international routes 1% is charged on the full fare value per kilo.


About tickets:

I have a ticket and did not travel on the date requested and now I want to travel.

As a first step you must take into account the class which corresponds the price of your ticket accordingly proceed to check the same class the day you want to travel to see whether or not to pay difference. It is important to remember that if are economy fare restrictions. If you must pay any difference in fare class change can be made directly at the airport.

I have a ticket on a route but I want to use it on another, what should I do?

Depends on where you purchased the ticket. If you purchased it with a travel agency you should contact the agent. If you purchased directly with AIRES, the process can take place at the airport or at the AIRES offices. You must pay the cost difference of more than one route to another, revised cost is $ 10,000.

I have a last year ticket and the tax changed, what additional costs will I pay?

You only pay the difference in airport tax.

I have a ticket but I will not use it and want my money, what do I do?

Depends on the kind of rate at which you purchased the ticket as there are non-refundable fees (see terms of prices). When the fee is refundable 10% is charged on the tariff that has the ticket. If the ticket was purchased directly from AIRES be given a cashier's check which will take eight days after filing the application with its proper letter informing the reason for refund request, attaching a copy of the certificate of citizenship, number and address.